Middle-Earth SBG: Uruk-Hai Shaman Conversion

I have a fair few bits and pieces I’ve picked up cheap on eBay or that are donations from friends. So when I was wanting to add more units to my Uruk-hai army, I figured I could kit-bash a shaman. Sometimes it is too easy just to buy the units you need/want and not look at what you want. I find it rewarding to create my own stuff and my wallet is thankful for it.

What inspires me to kit-bash and convert are the early publications from GW on LOTR. They didn’t have heaps of models available at the time, so you had to get creative to create an army.

I like how simple the conversion is but so effective at creating something new.

With this in mind, of simplicity and effectiveness, I made the following Uruk-hai shaman.

The miniature I used was Ugluk. I already had one painted and this was a spare. I replaced his sword with a torch from a siege crew sprue and the severed goblin head with a spear (made from a paperclip and some chaos space marine spikey thing). Ugluk’s whip was replaced with a pouch, for storing shaman stuff (I guess). Finally, to sell the shaman conversion I added a bit of fur from a orc captain I had spare.

I wanted to paint him differently to the Ugluk I already have in the army. So I painted some scars on his face and attempted for the first time object sourced lighting (OSL). The OSl was achieve by dry brushing the areas of largest but dimmest reflection and then worked up lights closer to the source of light. I think I may try to push the contrast further on the army to enforce it is shiny and hence reflects more of the light from the torch.

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