Middle-Earth SBG: Uruk-Hai Army

This is the army that my shaman will be added to. The main reason I started an Uruk-Hai army was that I had a bunch of models and heroes lying around from when the Battle Games in Middle-Earth magazine was being published (2004ish). This was my first introduction to tabletop war games and miniature painting (I really wished they stressed about “two thin coats” in the painting tutorials). Also, since the army is mainly three colours – silver, brown and a reddish-brown – it was dead easy to paint.

Currently the army is made of two war bands: Lutz with banner bearer (converted pike dude), 5 uruk-hai warriors with sword and shield and another 5 with pikes; Ugluk with the same as Lutz minus the banner bearer.

The army is about 400 points and was put together for a local tournament last year that never happened due the the Covid-19 pandemic. I never ended up attended the subsequent tournament held later in the year.

In addition to the shaman I’m planning to add some crossbows, more warriors, another banner bearer, siege crew, a captain, berserkers, a troll and Saruman. I plan to do this on the cheap and will scour ebay for good ideas (more opportunities for conversions!).

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