Middle-Earth SBG: Rohan Warrior Conversion Chain Mail Hoods

I have quiet a few spare Rohan warriors, as my army for them is mainly the riders. This means I have models that I can attempt to convert with some sculpting.

I used a 50/50 mix of milliput and greenstuff to give a firm but workable putty. Not sure if I’d bother with the mix next time but I was easy to work with. It was my first time trying chain mail and I used Gardens of Hecate guide to give me an idea on what to do.

Overall, I am happy with my first attempt. The warriors with “face masks” on kinda remind me of medieval Russian warriors. In future I’d try to ensure there is a more “waviness” to the chain mail linking so they look more interwoven/linked. I’m also planning to reverse the shields so the wood side faces forward.

The guys will generic “hills men” that can be evil or good depending on the scenario I create.

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