Middle-Earth SBG: Battle Companies AI For Narrative Play

I have been look to play through the narrative scenarios in the battle companies supplement for Middle-Earth SBG. The only problem is that none of my friends are really into wargaming – prefering board games and DnD. So this has lead me to figure out (more like find) some solo rules for the game.

I found Isuldur’s Bane and read through it. It seems quiet interesting but maybe better suited for matched play or some of the higher miniature count scenarios. Finally, I found Battlin’ Barrows Gaming’s youtube video and he had some simple rules for narrative battle companies. This was exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, the link in the comments to a PDF of the rules is dead.

Not letting that stop me, I transcribed his rules from the beginning of the video and made them into a presentable PDF. I added some stuff about heroes, cavalry and monsters. I’m yet to play with the rules but the Youtube video game play did prove promising.

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