Elder Scrolls Call to Arms: Gaming Setup

Last year I spotted Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms in my local hobby shop. It looked pretty interesting and I liked the solo mechanics (since I don’t really have anyone to game with). Some time after buying it I finally got around painting the Delve Set miniatures and to try a game.

What I’m enjoying the most about Call to Arms is painting the miniatures – I’m not much of a war gamer but I try. The sculpts are very nice and not very heroic in scale. There are some thick bits with the swords but overall close to true scale. These miniatures are the plastic ones and not resin. I have one set of resin miniatures, the Adventurers box, and the relief (“crispness”) of the details is better than the plastic. Additionally, since Call to Arms doesn’t have heaps of Skyrim/Elder Scrolls adversaries sculpted up (or available in my country), it has been a lot of fun finding proxies for wolves, spiders, trolls, etc.

The bear and wolves are Wizkids and the level of detail and scale fits will with the Call to Arms miniatures. I found it hard to find spiders with the “right” fangs that were not too over-the-top sculpted but this spider from Reaper is close enough. The ghosts are also Reaper and are cut to look like they are coming out of a rock or ancient burial location. I used Gamergrass highlands set to add tuffs of grass; I like their desaturated colour.

I plan to get more adversaries in the future…

Now about the gaming set up. The terrain is scratch built and the gaming board is two DnD adventure boards (enough for a 100 point game). For the rocks and tower, I just carved expanded polystyrene (packaging foam) and applied a seal of PVA, flour, salt and water to cover the bubbliness of the foam (search up Midwinter Minis on Youtube for his recipe). I will show some of these in future and briefly explain some of the steps.

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