Elder Scrolls Call to Arms: Spiders, Troll and Flame Atronach

I recently bought the Into the Dark, an expansion for ES Call to Arms. Its looks interesting as a way to play more delve missions and get more adversaries. I plan to create my own custom ones and having a few official examples will hopefully give me an idea about how to make appropriate stats.

In Into the Dark, there are regular frostbite spiders and giant ones. The official models for the spiders come in one size and so I’ve proxied some Reaper spiders instead.

Scale-wise, the small spiders are a little too small but the larger one is just too big to be a regular frostbite spider, so it had to be the giant frostbite spider. I tried to find spiders with appropriate looking fangs so they somewhat resemble the actual Skyrim spiders. I used an stippling painting technique to build up texture on the miniatures as there was not a lot of sculpted details. I think they fit quite well with the official miniatures.

I also proxied an Atronach with a Reaper fire elemental and a frost troll with a Reaper yeti. The Atronach fits quite well and I only had to remove the wings from the original model. The Yeti doesn’t really look like an Skyrim troll – even with a sculpted third eye. I found it really hard to find a miniature that is close to the ape-like trolls of Skyrim. At least this miniature still looks cool.

If you’re wondering how I’ve done the snow, it is Valhallan Blizzard from Citadel.

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