Elder Scrolls Call to Arms: Imperial Legion Faction Starter Set

Not long after getting the Delve Plastic Set for Elder Scrolls Call to Arms, I got the Imperial Faction starter set. I got the plastic one as in Australia these are the main ones for sale (not too many stores stock the resin set).

They were fun to paint up as the details are decently defined (I think the resin ones are better in detail though) and they are not over-sculpted (I’m looking at you Games Workshop). I used a mix of Scale 75, Vallejo and Citadel paints. I also used a brown ink to give the leather some saturation as the highlights I was applying started to desaturate the leather. Plus it also differentiated the leather brown from the wood brown. Both have the same base of brown – an attempt at colour harmony. All three paint ranges I used have a different finish (Citadel being satin and the progressing in matteness to the very matte Scale 75), so I tied it all together with AK Interactive’s ultra-matte varnish. I find this matte varnish when applied with a brush is actually matte, unlike vallejo’s matte varnish that is a bit satin when brushed on (apparently when applied through an airbrush it is actually matte but I don’t own an airbrush).

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