Elder Scrolls Call to Arms: Goblins

I don’t normally play mobile games, due to their aggressive monetisation strategies, but I gave Elder Scrolls Blades a go. It’s okay as a dungeon crawler but the “waiting” mechanic is not fun. What i really liked is that it spiked my imagination with the visual designs of the world. The setting is a nice mix of Oblivion and Skyrim (more so Oblivion) and has some interesting designs for enemies. In particular, I Iiked the goblins and immediately thought of the Reaper goblin skirmishers.

I gave them a quick and sketch like paint job (just like the zombies as the sculpt quality lends it self to such painting). I also based them like all my other Elder Scrolls miniatures. Their size is smaller than the goblins in the actual Oblivion video game but the goblins in Blades are about this size. Here is an imperial legionnaire and a goblin from the game for comparison.

I plan to make some stats for them in the future. I just need to play some more games to get a sense of stats that make sense for them.

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