I recently painted a red dragon from Wizkids miniatures. My aim was to make a red/copper colour dragon. I base coated the scales brown then worked up a red colour by dry brushing. Then continuing with dry brushing I added oranges and light tan colours to the mix. I didn’t really have a formula, I just had an idea that I worked back and forth to get to somewhere I was happy with (I think I even glazed in an ink to get the saturation to my liking).

The scale where painted with some highlights to make them a little “sharper” and differentiate them from the webbing of the wings. I use this highlight colour for the horns and added a brighter bone white to the ends (I believe I wet blended to get a smooth transition). I did some extra neat layer work on the face and painted green eye as the face was a focal point.

I plan to use this dragon in some LOTR narrative battle company games and maybe in Elder Scrolls Call to Arms.

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